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In 2006, NBC NEWS tracked me down and requested to profile me.
When I agreed to be interviewed by 
MSNBC (NBC NEWS) regarding   "Osama Bin Laden"...that agreement included vigorous fact-checking which lasted 2  weeks.
Contrary to U.S. Media's misreporting---
it was not I who revealed that I had been with Osama Bin Laden.  
It was the 
LONDON GUARDIAN Newspaper who contacted the U.S. State Department which in turn caused me to be threatened with Deportation if I didn't "come clean" about my involvement with Osama back in 1996.  
*Out of fear, I originally denied being Osama's girlfriend in the LONDON GUARDIAN, and from there--the status of my U.S. citizenship FORCED ME to tell my version of events to save my citizenship.                              
I was interrogated at the Pentagon (Read my autobiography) and told all      
that I know.                                                                                     
I did not EVER want it known that I had known Osama Bin Laden. 

This is a well documented fact that amazingly has been ignored by my detractors.   What little the LONDON GUARDIAN published of their proposed story to OUT ME and SOMI proves without a doubt that I did not want my ugly past with Osama Bin Laden brought up, because as a Black woman, I knew that I would demonized, made fun of and lied on.                           
Back to NBC:                                                                
After information NBC got from Prince Ruspoli of Morocco, the U.S. State Department and Homeland Security....they decided to do a 2-part interview with me instead of their original 5 minute plan.                                         
The information was fuzzy, but they had meetings and decided that              
after pre-interviews with me and what little they could get from the       
above mentioned parties, they wanted to interview me on television.                                                                                                                 
The DATE was Sept. 2006.                                                              
I had nothing to do with the BILLING.  They (MSNBC) titled the              
interview "In Bed With Bin Laden".  Just as FOX NEWS did in 2003           
when I was featured on their network, MSNBC billed me as 
"Former Mistress"....NOT "
alleged" former mistress.                                                                                 
This billing was given because of their own independent findings                
and these decisions were made before a spate of Jealous Bin-Laden 
Experts such as Peter Bergen began flooding the media with Vicious           
objections to my credibility.                                                               
In fact, Peter Bergen and many other                                                
Millionaire "experts" who make their living writing books about SOMI     
yet were being made to look like fools because they had never heard of me  
(or oany of the other "backdoor" people)--were desperate to prove that I do not 
exist and that my story was made up.  They began attacking any       
Media Organization that dared discuss my story.                                                                                                                              
They even warned government agencies that it could be dangerous        
to give "VOICE" to a ("perceived") BLACK POWER ACTIVIST-WRITER   
(note that any African who is VOCALLY PROUD of their heritage is a   
"Black Power" activist and enemy and must be silenced).  On top of that
they warned that it was dangerous to give VOICE to a "Right Wing Whore" 
(amazingly I was "Both"--a Black Power Author and a REPUBLICAN, because 
of my perceived support for the War on Terrorism.                                      
These people never took in to account that I was threatened with "DEPORTATION" and needed the government's protection    
for books I wrote criticizing the Arab Muslim Imperialists of Sudan and         
the middle east.                                                                               
Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock wrote that my account of being raped by Somi was "a funny story."  When I read that, I felt I had been raped all over        again--but then, that is the way White Men have always written about the   rape of Black men's mothers and that was the only context I could put Mr.   Spurlock's ignorant comments                                                                in.                                                                                                     
It is quite obvious that he never Fact-Checked my account or read my       
AWARD-WINNING autobiography.  Since white men like Mr. Spurlock and       
Peter Bergen are "GOD"--they needn't bother with the DETAILS of witness accounts and such.                                        
And with great irresponsibility Mr. Spurlock wrote a bunch of glaring non-    truths (for instance, he repeated the LIE that I claimed to have been a "Sex  Slave"--something I would never do and have never done given the fact that  I know what a sex slave is in Arabic culture.                
I have always accurately maintained that I was a "Mistress" and not a          
"Sex Slave" but the westerners don't know what "infibulation" is worth          
or that "sex slaves" are not permitted to look their master in the eye or        
hold conversations with him. They don't realize that many Arab Women        
against their will."                                                         
So in these details--idiotic Western men like Morgan Spurlock and Peter Bergen 
not only mocked my suffering by joking about my rape--but they also GROSSLY misreported my story and especially failed to adequately identify who I am (Spurlock wrote that I am a "soap writer" despite the fact that I have authored "Flesh and the Devil" and "Diary of a Lost Girl", two highly acclaimed African works. Both men ignored my contributions to the SPLA   army (as a spy) Both men ignored the fact that I am National Chairwoman
of the SSPP--an organization whose members include Ambassador Dudley  
Thompson, Francis Bok and Dr. Peter Nyaba.)                          
On more than one occasion, it was said (By these Men who can't locate         
Somi) that Bin Laden would not be attracted to a Black Arab woman          
(what a fucking joke!); that I was not attractive enough (though, besides   
color--I am very similar in many ways to Somi's 4 wives--                   University  professors who (like Osama's feminist mother) were both opinionated and DOMINATED just as I was.                                                                                                            
Their color permitted them to be Wives, mines did not.                      
And of course these "smart" Western Experts never mention what           
Bin Laden's real "preference" is----
INFIBULATED WOMEN.                      
Amazingly in their search for Osama, they hunt him like he's a white man.                                                                                            
The fact is, Somi prefers women with Brown Skin, VAGINALLY CUT and     
ethnically African.  His grandmother was Part Black.  Yet be advised that       
Osama is very racist against Africans/Blacks (referring to us as "abeed" and rats)  but at the same time, it is his undeniable preference to SEX black women (and even be bossed by them.)  No one has written a more truthful portrait of who he is than I have.  He is a "soft-spoken," extremely gentle Killer, Religion-boy, war-mongerer, Hunter and closet Westernized sex addict.                                                                                                
I submit as well that anonymous "
Black Women Novelists" with funny names aren't allowed to just get on MAJOR NEWS ORGANIZATIONS like NBC, FOX and CNN and make outrageous claims that have no merit.  Especially not for "2-part feature stories.
Please notice also that I am not in jail.                                  
Lying on the FBI and other Gov. agencies is a Federal Offense.  
Amazingly, I'm walking around free.
Also note that I am not the one who revealed having any connection to Osama Bin Laden...the
LONDON GUARDIAN revealed our affair--not me.
I originally denied it, in fact, and yet none of the "smart people" seem to have read that article. 
FOX NEWS also fact-checked and profiled me in 2003, but during the interview they kicked me off the air for not agreeming with them.
This summer, 2008, an Arab diplomat of the Sudanese Government---
Nadeem Gamal Ibrahim Quttub---has released a new book entitled 
"Bin Laden's Wife", in which he claims that I am legally married to Osama Bin Laden and that my first child is by Somi.                               
His book is a lie.                                                              
Biographers of Bin Laden, such as the jealous 
bitch Peter Bergen and the Islamic "protectors" of Osama's image...have joined with Arab Oil Companies in spending  untold fortunes in attempting to slander and silence me.

It's now 10 years since you first heard of me---and amazingly, to be such a "fraud", I'm still here.                                                             
It seems to me that Sally Hemmings, Sojourner Truth (who bared her breasts after people decided this "outspoken/uppity" mother of 4 was really a "man") and a long list of BLACK WOMEN have suffered the blatant ignorance, cowardice and lack of integrity of supposedly intelligent people who didn't honor their experiences until long after they were dead.
I find people in America, black and white, to be grossly unfair and fearful of any Black woman who thinks too highly of herself or is bold enough to discuss provocative ideas in public.  
We call such White artists---"geniuses."
We call Patty Hearst a a "kidnap victim"--not a SEX SLAVE.
I deeply LOVE AMERICA.  To quote my poem "Mysterium:"  
 is my husband now, and he is good to me.                  
I truly meant that--but I am not stupid.
I have been in America off and on for over 30 years. 
I have never seen an artist more truthful, more exposed, more naked or more lied on than I am.
No one wants to admit that they were "Hitler's girlfriend"--in other words--involved with the most hated human being on earth.
This is not something that makes you popular.
I wish the LONDON GUARDIAN had not contacted the U.S. State Department in their attempts to build a story, and I originally denied it, because I knew it would ruin my life.
I have turned down a gallaxy of national television and print interviews, because I  don't wish to be exploited, disrespected and negatively portrayed by irrational,
stupid people whose central interview question is about why I have a "funny name."
That in itself speaks volumes.
I will confront and fight any enemy to the death.



*Reprinted by Permission of SUDAN MIRROR.


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