Fact Checking KOLA BOOF

(a poem in loving memory of the
pioneering Black actress

Kola Boof




Esther Rolle

(a poem in memory of the pioneering

black actress)






When you die...come back to life

So we can laugh and cry and curse the living!

O!  I want to curse anything.



Drab concrete sky leaving me with too many songs



 Sadness leaves, because I forget the words.

The words are so many, I just wrinkle

up and laugh and squeeze my hurting hands.



I remember being young and frisky.

I remember being a creamy hot thing.
I remember the lemony days and hasty dreamy nights
that snuck away with the words.
Stole away.

The one song I remember, the one I loved

"when you die...come back to life."




 TAKEN from the book "Nile River Woman"
--the very first poems by Kola Boof (Atlantic Library).







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