Fact Checking KOLA BOOF

PETER BERgen lied on Kola Boof


Kola Boof points out how her autobiography "Diary of a Lost Girl" is more accurate than Bin Laden expert Peter Bergen's books after the journalist publicly attacks her:
Certainly there are those who doubt the veracity of my experiences with Osama Bin Laden, something I can understand to a point, but what I can’t tolerate are the full out lies that have been made up to slander me and discredit my book—lies that have been told most notably by so called Bin Laden “expert” Peter Bergen.  
He claims, quite stupidly, that Bin Laden has never been to Morocco and then wrote on his web site about me: “for instance, there is one vividly recounted scene in which Boof performs sex acts on a group that included bin Laden; Ayman al Zawahiri, al Qaeda’s number two; Abdullah Azzam, bin Laden’s mentor, and Sayyid Qutb, the Egyptian jihadist theoretician.  Boof says this happened in Morocco in 1996. However, in 1996 bin Laden was living in Sudan, Ayman al Zawahiri was imprisoned in Dagestan, Azzam had been assassinated in Pakistan thirteen years earlier, and Qutb had been lying in his grave for three decades.  Boof should stick to poetry." 
-- Peter Bergen                                                                          
Mr. Bergen is full of camel-crap, because for starters—Ayman al Zawahiri didn’t go to Chechnya (Dagestan) until December of 1996, which is when he was arrested, and wasn’t imprisoned until April, 1997.  In my autobiography, the entire Bin Laden episode takes place between January 1996 and July 1996.  As for Qutb and Azzam being dead—Bergen is totally wrong, because the men mentioned in my book were not the two men he is talking about, but are very young men (late twenties, early thirties) who claimed to be the son and grandson of the men Bergen “assumed” I was talking about.  Please note that we don’t have “Jr.” or “Sr.” in my culture—my uncle is named Karbonis Kolbookek, his son is named Karbonis Kolbookek, and his grandson is named Karbonis Kolbookek.  But unfortunately, in Bergen’s desperation to discredit my book, he resorted to lying and name calling, and though neither he nor any western government has been able to capture Somi or pinpoint exactly where he was in 1996 (they declared him “un-find-able” you may recall), Bergen’s word as a white journalist who’s only obsessed with Osama was given immediate and complete credence over my word as a woman writer and activist who claimed to have actually shared Bin Laden’s bed.  It didn’t help that I was black (I believe this no matter what anyone says), but as I’ve stated before—in any mansion, it’s the maids and the whores who know the most.                                                
I shake my head bitterly at this past weekend’s headlines about Osama not getting along with Sadaam Hussein and how Americans seem so surprised by this revelation, because of course, I had already written first hand about the feud between Osama and Sadaam in my autobiography when it was published eight months ago—yet none of my critics are fair enough to acknowledge that.                                




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